Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Plants vs Zombies Cake

Happy Halloween Month, everyone!!!
I had a lot of fun making this cake, and I really like the way the figurines turned out! I like the scruffiness of the zombies, mixed with the bright, happy-go-lucky attitude of the plants!
I haven't actually played the game, but it looks pretty cool!

The game: Plants vs Zombies

Full view of the cake and close up of standing Zombie with broken teeth

This zombie lost his shoe while collapsing after being hit by one of the plants!
Side view of the cake, the back of the zombies. The legs of the fallen zombie are held in the cake with cocktail skewers.

Angry Chilli in amongst flying bullets (peas?)

Happy flowers!

Pea-shooting plant


Baby pea shooters!!

Cool snail!

Fallen zombie side view

Fallen zombie front view, grasping for one last chance to get hold of a plant.

Fallen zombie grasping hands.

Dangling zombie arms!

The 2 zombies, looking dashing in their suits!
Plants vs Zombies cake, full view.
Have a frightfully good Halloween everyone! xxx

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  1. Oh my goodness Sam, you are amazingly talented! This is my favourite "mindless" game of all time, and you have captured the characters perfectly! Well done on yet another truly spectacular cake!!