Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sea Themed Cakes in a Nutshell by Chef Sam

I thought I would post a few sea themed cakes today. Some of them are old, but they are just so fun, I couldn't resist.
The first cake... The Nemo/Sebastian/Tintin cake was a real mix up of characters. I really struggled to get all the requested characters onto the cake, but in the end, they all came together nicely.
Take a look at some of the detailed shots of this cake.

The Nemo/ Sebastian/ Tintin cake

Then we have the tiny Little Mermaid cake.
The cake was 15cm diam. and the figurine was 8cm tall.

A 2D Finding Nemo cake

And finally some whale cupcakes

I hope you have a Whale of a time today! And remember... 'Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...'