Thursday, 4 October 2012

Cake Central Magazine: Fashion Inspiration 2012 Cakes

Recently I was invited to enter a cake design to possibly be featured in Cake Central's Fashion Edition of their magazine.
I was sent a picture of a runway model wearing an outfit and I had to draw inspiration from this.
The Betsy Johnson design I had to work from.
This was the overall guide: "Use any techniques, elements, shape, size! (You are not limited to black and white)  Feel free to incorporate additional colours.
Your interpretation of the inspiration does not necessarily need to be a direct translation, be as creative as you like!"

When I heard that I had even been considered as an entry, I was already ecstatic! I had plans of building this beautiful cake, with stunning fashion figurines. Something amazing, something WOW!

Unfortunately, 2 weeks later, many of you may already know, I somehow got Chicken Pox...
OH.MY.WORD!!! Wow, I had heard that it's bad in adults, but man oh man, it was brutal! I had those things everywhere! in my throat and mouth, from my head, all the way down to my knees! For the 1st week I couldn't get out of bed.
Simply put: It SUCKED!
I was in 'quarantine' for 2 and a half weeks, sleeping in the study on a sleeper couch, trying desperately not to let my kids get it over their birthday party! (which they did, so we ended up postponing twice!)
When I had to work on cake orders, I wore a doctor's mask! But really, it was NO joke!

So, the Cake Central cake was due in the 2nd week of my pox. I was so tired and I just wanted to make something so that they would still consider me for next time. Not for 1 minute did I think that this cake would actually make it into the magazine!

Anyway, I put my own spin on it, using my favourite colour: Rainbow...

The whole cake is fake (Styrofoam dummies), covered in real icing

I still cannot believe they even used it in their mag! I look at the other cakes featured and they are just mind blowingly beautiful! I'm really honoured to have been featured among the very many cake art geniuses!Thank you, Cake Central! :) xx

Stunning photos by Jessica Commaille of Erindipity Photography.


  1. This is beautiful Sam! I'm enjoying reading through your blog. Found you on cakes decor. I'm Radhika of
    How did you do the stripes on the bottom tier? Is ir fondant or are those ribbons? Beautiful!

    1. Hello.
      Thank you so much!
      It's all fondant d├ęcor.
      The stripes on the board are done with a Gem strip cutter and the rainbow stripe effect is pleated fondant with a corduroy imprint.
      I will check out your page too. Thanks for stopping by!