Thursday, 15 January 2015

Rhino head Cake

This was a 40th birthday cake for a man. 
They held the celebration at a Game reserve.
I tried very hard not to make it look like it was a ‘trophy head’, and rather that it was peeping out of the bushes!

To get his eye to look more realistic, instead of painting the reflection with white paint, I brushed the whole eye with piping gel mixed with a few drops of alcohol. This way, there was a natural reflection.

I carved the basic shape of this cake and then I used 'cake pop mixture' (I like to call it 'reconstituted' cake!) to accentuate the lumps and bumps. I covered it with white fondant and layered on colours with an airbrush.
The horns and the ear are cereal treats covered in chocolate and fondant. They are held in with skewers and stuck on with chocolate.

 The fine wrinkles are made using a veining tool.
The shadows are sprayed on with an airbrush, but a similar effect can be accomplished using food colour dusting powders and a big (make up) blush brush.

The leaves are all hand cut, detailed with a veining tool and finished off with airbrush shadowing.

I will leave you with this Flight of the Concords song:

Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros


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