Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Princess cakes in a Nutshell by Chef Sam

Every little girl would love to be a princess! Flowing dresses, Beautiful jewels and Handsome princes!
Here are a few Chef Sam princessy creations from the years past!
Mr Willy Wonka and his Bride... not technically a princess,  but she deserves to be one in her  royal purple gown!
Tinkerbell in a pink princess dress

Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Portrayed here as a ballerina.
Princess/ Pirate themed cake for a cute little girl

Princess Rapunzel, such a down-to-earth girl in all her barefooted glory!
Cinderella and Snow White await their princes at the door to their castle.

Rapunzel (2012)

Rapunzel in her tower. (2012)
I hope you enjoyed this rendition of 'Cakes in a Nutshell' by Chef Sam! ;)

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